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Quality is at the heart of our work. Each garment is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted work of art. The designs begin with fine white silks, dyed and decorated by hand. The fabric is meticulously cut and tailored using Kiss original patterns, then quilted and lined or left weightless and translucent. Mark-making and the way silk accepts it inspire this new collection and, as always, the women who wear Kiss.

We believe our work speaks for itself

Finishing Touches

Layered with your favorite Kiss piece or that “little black dress,” our scarves and shawls will take your wardrobe to the next level.

Scarves and shawls may be purchased directly from the website.

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Dear Friends, Kiss of the Wolf always been a community as much as a design line. We listen to each other and hear what resonates from within. My inner voice is reminding me that “this too shall pass.”

Here’s another look into the Kiss of the Wolf Studio. These photographs illustrate the two-day Huari Batik process used to decorate bubble silk for one of our favorite pieces, the Alyssa Top.

Each Arashi Shibori Cashmere Shawl is hand-colored by designer Lori Bacigalupi or artisan Ola Molinas. As with our silk clothing, it’s all done in the Kiss of the Wolf Studio. We recently joined Ola in the studio to see how it’s done.

The Studio and the Designer

Designer Lori Bacigalupi creates an elegant and flattering line of wearable art. Stressing the notion of versatility, the Kiss of the Wolf studio incorporates fine textured fabrics, intricate color palettes, and varied patterns into collections of travel-light, inner-to-outerwear clothing. Every article of Kiss’ clothing is completely hand finished and carefully hand dyed.

More about the Studio

Throughout my career, I have explored many techniques in fabric design and continue to be inspired by both ancient and modern techniques. I strive to create unique, well-crafted, hand-finished garments that are essential, sustainable and fundamental to one’s wardrobe. ~Lori Bacigalupi

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Request information on a garment you’ve seen on our website, work with us to create a unique garment for you, or tell us about your experience of Kiss of the Wolf clothing.

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