Does a garment wear differently when made with passion, creativity and love?

At Kiss of the Wolf, we believe it does. For over 40 years we have made garments by hand in a harmonious, conscious and sustainable environment.

Kiss of The Wolf

From the beginning, Kiss of the Wolf has been synonymous with timeless clothing made by hand with love, creativity and impeccable craftsmanship.

Founder and designer Lori Bacigalupi creates each garment in the studio next to her home. She is assisted by a small group of craftsmen, all close friends. Ola Molinas works side by side with Lori in the studio to transform bolts of white silk into opulent colors and patterns. Yan Lan and his wife, Rong Jiao Wang, are the master tailors who convert the decorated fabric into her designs. Candy Hewitt works behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Lori’s life partner, James Young, helps with whatever needs to be done, often traveling with Lori to shows.

There is always more to explore. It is a lifelong journey for which I am most grateful. ~Lori Bacigalupi

Kiss of the Wolf was born in 1974, in the kitchen of Lori and Marshall Bacigalupi’s rural home. It was a few years after these two travelers met, fell in love and began their lives together. In 1976 they named it Kiss of the Wolf, a loose translation of Bacigalupi.

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Everyone’s Golden Girl, Bea Arthur, wearing Kiss at a black tie affair.
Sharon Rab at the Dayton Literary Peace Prize awards ceremony with Gloria Steinem.
Sharon Rab at the Dayton Literary Peace Prize Awards with Gloria Steinem.

Why Choose Kiss of the Wolf?

Initially, women choose Kiss for its opulent textures, striking colors and patterns and timeless look. The universally flattering cuts make them feel comfortable and confident. The classic silhouettes will never look out-dated. Our customers return  for the impeccable craftsmanship. These garments fit into their wardrobes and easily layer, mix and match.

Our clients are independent, successful women with their own sense of style. Well-known actors, politicians, writers and lawyers choose to wear Kiss. They wear it for their most important life events for its comfort and the way it reflects their personal style. These independent women are more than customers to Lori, they are her inspiration and that inspiration informs her designs.

You can find out more about them in our Women of Kiss series.

I want the end result to be a garment which enhances you, gives you a sense of your own uniqueness, gives comfort and brings joy.

Toni Morrison with President Obama after accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Toni Morrison accepts the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama.
Buntzie Churchill, introducing President Bush to the World Affairs Council.
Open Poncho- Pixel, India Brights, Detail


Kiss of the Wolf is best known for its hand painted silk. The collection is defined by opulent, fine textured silks, intricate color palettes and motifs, both traditional and modern.

Breathable, lightweight and absorbent, silk is cool in summer, warm in winter. Silk also compresses to take up very little room in a suitcase.

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