March 25, 2020

News from the Kiss Community

by Kiss of the Wolf in Community, Information

Dear Friends,

Kiss of the Wolf always been a community as much as a design line. We listen to each other and hear what resonates from within. My inner voice is reminding me that “this too shall pass.”

Lori Bacigalupi, Designer, Kiss of the Wolf, Women of Kiss Here in Norman, Oklahoma, we are continuing to reevaluate as we move further into this unknown. We will be taking advantage of the new normal: staying in, doing art work, reading, and exercising. Nothing is more important than the well being of our loved ones.

Virtual communications have become more important in our relationships. Due to concerns about Coronavirus, our Dreamweaver Trunk Show became a virtual one with in-studio videos and an open Skype line. We’re in the studio less, but continue to answer your calls and fill orders. You can read more about our little crew on our About page and read our history in The Story of Kiss.

I’m very attached to coming to to San Francisco in August. The American Craft Council show has always meant visiting family and dear friends to me. Kiss is registered for the show and I hope to come but will exhibit restraint if necessary.  Let’s see what life is like as the time approaches.

We’re adjusting, how about you?

As members of our community, I’d love to hear how you are doing now. if you would like to share, please leave us a note in the comments section below. I miss seeing you and look forward to better times.

I wish you health and peace, and the ability to adapt easily in these difficult times,

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  1. Anonymous
    March 25, 2020 at 7:08 pm

    Hi Lori ,
    Have not seen or spoken to you in a long time but always watch for your emails and love to look at what you are doing.

    I I’d go to the sf show last summer hoping to see you but missed out!
    How are Serene and Forest? Are they still in ny and New Orleans ? And your sister? Hope they are all well and happy.
    Miss you and hope one day to see you.
    Love and stay well, Roberta

  2. Dorothy
    March 26, 2020 at 6:55 am

    My dear Lori,

    Life is providing opportunities right now we never expected but perhaps can make the best of. As one example, we are trying to use this opportunity in the access to justice community to find ways of accessing the courts (which are closed by and large) electronically. If all our courts emerged from this in a better position to serve the community remotely, many lives will be impacted in a positive way. I know this is only one of thousands of stories that we will be hearing about which will demonstrate the resiliency of communities far and wide and I wanted to share it with you and this community to encourage hearing other stories of positive action. My family and I are well and we send love to you and yours. I sincerely hope your San Francisco trip in August will not only happen but will be filled with joy and gratitude that we have all come out of this closer and more determined to take care of each other. Much love to you Dorothy

  3. Miriam
    March 26, 2020 at 1:52 pm

    I am excited that next week my jacket will arrive. I am looking forward to wearing it when “Mr. Virus” leaves…….
    Coronavirus may last another two weeks or even another two months but no matter how long, we will endure
    this adversity.
    Stay safe…….

  4. Coco Vivien
    March 27, 2020 at 11:32 am

    Dear Lori
    These a challenging times , but women are resilient , always have been since the dawn of times , and we will go through this keeping our family and dear friends in our thoughts and staying in touch as much as possible , we will need each other more than ever . Stay well , with love Coco

  5. Lori Bacigalupi
    March 28, 2020 at 8:02 am

    Dear friends,
    My Taft High School sister!
    Thank you so much for reaching out.
    So far so good navigating the new normal.
    Serene is in NY and Forrest in NOLA. 😌
    So of course it’s concerning.
    I look forward to seeing you some day. My best to your elegant brood.

    Dear Dorothy,
    It’s a delight to hear from you and to be uplifted by your positive message. You are truly a visionary and your guidance is a light in the storm.
    May you and yours remain safe and well.
    Love to you,

    Dear Miriam,
    West Palm was our most recent show, this past March. Who knew at the time that it would be.
    Thankfully I met you, your lovely daughter and so many other customer/friends while marketing.
    The warmth of that experience remains with me, like a cozy quilt.
    May you and yours remain well.
    All the best,

    You mean so much to me.
    You’re right. Our connections will keep us uplifted. You have wonderful people around you as do I. Distance can not diminish our unity. Thank you for your reminder of our resilience. It’s true.
    Miss you. I do.

  6. Sharon Dowson
    March 28, 2020 at 12:06 pm

    Dearest Lori,

    Thank you very much for this. Leave it to you in the mist of our worldly crisis to uplift us w/ your “beautiful” craft information, wisdom & Grace.
    The photo of you is looking at you at your best. Illuminating in the background..
    We are all doing good. Taking care of what is in front of us………
    See you here in August. Yes……..

  7. March 29, 2020 at 7:05 am

    Dear Roberta,
    My Taft High School sister!
    Thank you so much for reaching out.
    It’s good to know that you’ve been keeping up with Kiss through our blogs.
    Grateful to say that all is well with Forrest and Serene. You are always very thoughtful. Thanks so much for asking.
    How are you and your vibrant brood holding up?
    It would be lovely to see you again.
    Elbow bump!
    Love to you and yours,

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