Swing Blouse

No matter how you wear it or what the occasion, the Swing Blouse is just the thing for keeping your swing!

Featured: Miro – one of a kind prototype, shown with Long Tank and Bias Skirt. Also shown: Dusk in Laque; Mini Architecture, shown with our Top with Neck and with Bias Skirt; X-Screen in B&W with Laque accents, Chopsticks in Dove, long sleeved option; 80’s Modern with Ivory & Spring; Ghost Huari in Soft Lime & Caribbean; Elation worn over Top with Neck and Capri Palazzos; Celadon Dance Party with Grey Celadon Palazzos; Dusk in Chartreuse, shown with Chartreuse Blazer Vest Variation; Ultrakrinkle Shibori in River Rock and Slate, shown with Naomi Banded Tunic and Bias Skirt in Slate; Nest in Grenat and Black, shown with our Plain Swing Jacket: Sidewalk in Black, White and multicolor; Dance Party in Red and Black; Winter White with Black Plaid.

STYLE #1450

Please see OBTAIN for ordering information and to inquire about sizes, colors and patterns available, either currently or by special order.

100% silk. To protect your investment, please see our Care Instructions.