Tank Top

Lightweight and breezy, this silk Tank Top is an important layering piece for any wardrobe. Made to fit and flatter you in multiple styles. Available in short, long, tunic, and dress lengths.

Featured: Long with Taped Neckline, direct-dyed in Black. Also shown: Madder Rose Chopsticks, shown with one-of-a-kind hand painted Kimono JacketGhost Huari short length, with Bias Skirt. Mini Architecture black and white Batik-dyed, with Capri-length Palazzo Pants and short Bias Skirt; Black, shown with Bias Skirt and Miro Swing Blouse; Black & White Monoprint – dress-length, shown with Moroccan Skirt; Sand – long, shown with Moroccan Skirt.

STYLE #1601

As with all Kiss of the Wolf, Tanks are custom-made and may be dyed to match or coordinate with any of our garments.

Please see OBTAIN for ordering information and to inquire about lengths, sizes, colors and patterns available, either currently or by special order.

100% silk. To protect your investment, please see our Care Instructions.