July 29, 2019

Five Easy Pieces for Summer Travel

by Kiss of the Wolf in Travel, Wardrobe Advice

Here are five easy pieces for summer travel that will take you from the boardroom to the boardwalk. Our crinkle silk is lightweight, breathable, and rolls up small to take up very little room in your carryon. It comes out practically perfect and ready to wear, because you want to pack light without sacrificing style!

Make the core pieces interchangeable

We chose black for our base garments, then added two colorful toppers for five different outfits. Add a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, a couple of nice tees, throw in a swimsuit, and you’ve got an elegant wardrobe for a week.

For this shoot, we chose two pair of shoes: dressy heels and casual mules. Just one pair of black ballet flats would also work and save even more space in your suitcase. When you pack your essentials- toiletries, bras and undies -don’t get carried away. With very few exceptions, you can always buy more when you get there.

Start with the Quintessential Little Black Dress

Flirty Dress

We built this travel wardrobe around our new Flirty Dress. For a meeting (or a cocktail party), wear the Swing Blouse over it as a jacket. Sandals or ballet flats make the look casual.

Flirty Dress with long Bias Skirt

Add a long Bias Skirt to the dress for a more formal evening look. Lined to mid-thigh, the skirt is available in multiple lengths and color variations.

Short Tank, Huari Ghost, with Bias Skirt

A silk Kiss Tank Top can be one of the most useful items in your travel wardrobe. Wear it with our Bias Skirt, with jeans, or as an undergarment.

Shown: Huari Ghost

Swing Blouse, Dusk, with skinny jeans, full

Perfect with jeans, leggings or a skirt, the  Swing Blouse also makes a great a light jacket over the Flirty Dress or Tank.

Shown: Chartreuse Dusk

Open Poncho, Rothko Rain

The Open Poncho may be worn as a top or a top layer over your dress or tank. Wonderful to throw on over everything else on the plane.

Shown: Rothko Rain

Customize for your personal style

One of the great things about building your travel wardrobe around black is that it works with almost any combination of colors and patterns.

Our Swing Blouse is available in myriad colors and patterns that will work for your individual style.

For even more versatility, trade the Huari Ghost Tank Top for a long, solid black one.

Swing Blouse, 80's Modern, with long tank and short Bias Skirt, full
80’s Modern in Ivory
Swing Blouse, Miro
Miro, hand painted, one of a kind
Swing Blouse, Miro, with long tank and Bias Skirt
Miro, shown with Long Tank
Swing Blouse, Architecture with Bias Skirt
Mini Architecture in a shorter length

Any of these Open Ponchos will work or, try the Caftan(far right.)  Either cowl neck may be worn as a hood.

Open Poncho, Rothko Rain, Cowl Up Detail

Open Poncho Ghost Huari, Chartreuse, side
Huari Ghost in Chartreuse and Black
Open Poncho, String Graphic
String Graphic
Open Poncho with Bias Skir
 Huari Ghost– Mushroom, Teal and Black
Caftan, String Graphic, with Bias Skirt
Caftan with String Graphic, hand painted

All our garments on this page are 100% silk. With the exception of the lined Bias Skirt, they may be washed by hand and will dry very quickly. For more information, please see our Care Instructions.

So, there you have it! Five easy pieces for summer travel. You’ll look just right, even if you need to fit a business meeting into your busy vacation schedule.

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