April 30, 2019

Traveling Light

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Here I am packing yet again. It seems I do quite a bit of packing, unpacking, repacking for the next show, or for the next trip. Traveling for Kiss of the Wolf means inventorying and packing huge cases and duffel bags of clothing. When I pack for myself, I like to travel light. I can put everything I need in one small, easily managed carry-on bag.

This year, More Fun!

I usually do several big national shows a year: New York Fashion Week, the Smithsonian Craft2Wear Show, the American Craft Show in San Francisco, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show… I also do trunk shows at the wonderful shops that carry Kiss of the Wolf. This year, I’ve decided to only do a few trunk shows and leave more time to travel for inspiration, family and fun.

I’ll miss seeing all of you at the shows, but Candy and Ola are taking care of things at the studio and I’m always in touch, even when I’m away. We have a real connection with our customers and try to make sure our service to you reflects that.


My first trip this year was a ten day vacation to Chilé with my son, Forrest. How lovely! It was a challenge to pack for such a variety of environments: hiking near Pucón, the beach in Viña Del Mar, museums, urban trekking and reservations for a special dinner in Santiago.

Travel Light Essentials

It’s a challenge to have only what I need and nothing more. It also makes traveling less complicated and more fun. Everything must go from day into evening and feel unpretentious, comfy and cute.

  • Layering offers many options from only a few items. A long tunic or short dress works well on its own, and paired with a bias skirt or skinny pants it becomes an exciting evening outfit. Add a shawl and you’re ready for anything!
  • Mix and match everything! I always pick one basic color group and then an accent of another. I’m always happy with black-and-white and one choice of color. I pull out my basic blacks.
  • Light-weight Space Savers. Garments that roll up to pack and come out of the suitcase looking fabulous are essential.

Five Easy Pieces

I build my travel wardrobe around five key pieces. Here are the ones I took to Chile:

  1. The Alyssa Sweater is my go-to garment. The bubble silk is light-weight, it rolls up to nothing and I always feel good in it!
  2. A breezy Kimono Top. It’s elegant and may be worn alone, under the Alyssa top, or over a tee or Cap-sleeved top as a light summer jacket.
  3. A Cap Sleeved Top is the perfect base layer
  4. My Kiss Bias Skirt packs easily and looks great with any top, oversized or fitted.
  5. My Cashmere Shawl works with everything and rolls up small enough for my purse!


Shoes are the hardest part, because I always want more than will fit in the bag. Depending on where I’m going, I want hiking boots, short heeled boots, funky cute little sneakers, sandals, my Merrell clogs… For Chilé, I pack a very comfortable, lightweight pair of slip on shoes and wear my short-heeled slip-on boots.

What else?

I round out my wardrobe with three T-shirts, two pair of leggings, a pair of easy-wash, fast-dry sport pants, an oversized hoodie and a rain jacket. Of course, I pack skin care, pharmaceuticals, undies and basics like that.

Bon Voyage!

On the plane, I wear my stretchy black pants, cap-sleeved top, big comfy hoodie, and slip-on boots! Voila!

These are the great times of our lives!

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  1. May 4, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    Excellent advice, Lori, thank you. I always pack way too much. I agree shoes are really difficult, particularly in the winter if you have to pack rain boots, etc. They take up room. A tip I have it to roll socks and undies and slip inside shoes. It helps keep the shoes from smashing and saves a little bit of room. Happy Travels!

    May 28, 2019 at 12:38 pm

    Your advice is great.! A little hard for a 21 yr. old girl . My Dad decided to take me on a 4 month round the world trip –“to complete my education”. BUT TAKE ONLY …1 … SUITCASE AND IT HAD TO BE ABLE TO BE HAULED BY ME –FOR WHEN THERE WERE NO BELL BOYS”. MOTHER AND I WERE ALSO ALLOWED ONE TOTE BAG !!!! . WOW !! WE DID IT, HAD EVERYTHING CLEANED AND PACKED AWAY WHEN WE RETURNED HOME. didn’t look at that batch of clothes for 2 years!

    The only things we did not have in those days were stretch long pants. Otherwise all your comments were perfect. And they still stand in todays world — with only a few adjustments for a teenage girl.
    My daughter and granddaughter travel quite a bit nowadays. I am amazed how little we need to take (with all the wonderful materials now.l One item that ALWAYS goes with me is a “KISS OF THE WOLF” QUILTED SUIT IN grey that I bought at the ACC Craft Fair in San Francisco a few decades ago. PERFECT..

  3. July 15, 2019 at 11:19 am

    I’m thrilled to hear that your Kisses still serve you after all these years! That’s music to my
    Many thanks for your kind reply.

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