May 17, 2019

Moya Stone, Overdressed for Life

by Kiss of the Wolf in Community, Women of Kiss

“Do what you love,” they say, and Moya Stone loves fashion. Playful or serious, fashion is as much an expression of the wearer as it is the designer. Her love for fashion, and all it represents, is the inspiration for her blog, Overdressed for Life.

In this era of cheap throw-away clothing, thoughtful fashion is more important than ever. Kiss of the Wolf offers unique style and quality craftsmanship that stand the test of time. ~ Moya Stone

The Family Passion

Moya’s elegant mother, Cindy, was her first fashion influence. Her grandmother, Louise, studied design at the influential Traphagen School of Fashion. Moya’s brother, Marshall Bacigalupi, became a designer and helped create Kiss of the Wolf.

Yes, in addition to being a patron, Moya is Lori’s sister-in-law and literally a member of the Kiss of the Wolf family. When they met, Moya was eight. Lori said she was “the most beautiful little red-haired child I’d ever seen.”

From the Beginning

Sometimes for Christmas or my birthday they would give me something from the collection. I thought I was luckiest girl in San Francisco. No one else had anything like it.

Moya remembers the beginning of Kiss of the Wolf. She visited often, hanging out in the studio while Marshall painted fabric. As a college student, she sometimes went on the road to help with their shows. Moya even modeled for Kiss of the Wolf (at right).

Moya models a gold ShiboriKiss of the Wolf Classic Blouse

Freelance writer

Moya is a freelance journalist specializing in fashion, the history of fashion, and lifestyle. She’s written for Vintage Style, Nob Hill Gazette, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among others.

She began while pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing and working in the library at Mills College. Moya wrote scripts for a local mystery dinner theater, as well as articles for newspapers and magazines.
In 2007, Moya joined a team of writers who started a blog covering fashion and the arts in San Francisco. It gave her the incentive to write a blog of her own.

Overdressed for Life

Moya began writing Overdressed for Life in 2010. It’s a mixed bag of brief articles on fashion, designers, vintage clothing, and personal style.

There are many reasons Moya loves fashion. It’s a participatory art form that includes the wearer in its creation. Our apparel shows who we are and how we live. It’s a great historical reference, informing us of the way others interact with the world.

All this makes Overdressed an entertaining grab bag for anyone who, like Moya, has a passion for fashion.

Mom’s Closet

Mom’s Closet is an offshoot of Overdressed for Life and an homage to Moya’s mother, Cindy. She tells stories about her stylish mother and the clothes she wore. They hold memories, poignant and joyful, for them both. Moya now wears many of those vintage garments.

The collected stories will one day become a mother-daughter memoir. Cindy, at 91, needs more of her attention, and Moya never tires of interviewing her.

Focus on what you love

Moya continues to enrich her life doing what she loves. She takes classes and workshops on fashion, textiles and related topics. She is a member of the Art Deco Society of California, the Textile Arts Council, and the Costume Society of America.

Moya in a vintage Kiss dress at the Gatsby Summer Afternoon event

The Art Deco Society is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the Art Deco movement. They hold two annual events that are the height of San Francisco vintage fashion. You can read about the Preservation Ball and Gatsby Summer Afternoon in her blog. In the photos at left and the top of the page, Moya is wearing classic Kiss to the Gatsby affair. She received many compliments on the beauty and authenticity of the dress. High praise for a dress from the 80’s at a 20’s event. Now that is timeless!

Moya continues to educate herself and her readers about her favorite subject. This year, she attended the Costume Society of America symposium in Seattle. “I’m not sure,” she said, “but I might have been the only fashion writer.” That may be true but this fashionista has really enjoyed reading about it.

To find out more about Moya, check out Overdressed for Life.

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